UN 75 Virtual Forum

UN 75 Virtual Forum


The UN2020 Initiative began, in September 2017, with a Global Call to Action.

The UN 2020 Project has been initiated by a coordinating group of civil society representatives. The group is consulting actively with government representatives, UN officials, and other stakeholders.

The UN2020 initiative is dedicated to using the 75th anniversary of the United Nations in 2020 as an opportunity to take stock and 1 strengthen the UN system in partnership with civil society, governments, and the UN in support of a people-centered multilateralism.


  1. Promote UN values, norms and principles embodied in the UN Charter, UDHR, SDGs and Building Cultures of Peace through Global Citizenship Education.
  2. Address global risks, develop global plan of action and promote partnerships for peace, sustainable development, human rights, democracy, climate action and disarmament.
  3. Advance people-centered multilateralism by developing proposals to revitalize the United Nations on the occasion of its 75th Anniversary in 2020.

Virtual Forum

The United Nations turns 75 years old in September. If we are going to beat #COVID19, #ClimateChange and the many different challenges facing 8 billion people and 1 planet, how can we build a stronger #UN?

The UN75 People’s Forum will be held online and the Virtual Platform is Zoom,

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