Ocean and Ice Senior Scientist at ESA in Netherlands

Ocean and Ice Senior Scientist at ESA in Netherlands


Applications have opened for the Ocean and Ice Senior Scientist at ESA in Netherlands. Interested candidates can apply for the position now.


  • Providing Mission Scientist and accompanying scientific study management support to new mission concepts, preparatory and mission development activities of approved missions, in-orbit commissioning phase calibration/validation, or the operations phase, to ensure their payloads and the end-to-end system fulfill the relevant mission requirements
  • Additionally, establishing, maintaining and convening international advisory groups related to these missions; initiating and conducting in-house and external scientific studies. Also, organizing mission-specific science workshops/conferences, supporting geophysical algorithm development and related research
  • Furthermore, providing scientific support and advice to EO Ocean and Ice Surface mission teams across the respective FutureEO, Earth Watch, Copernicus and Operational Meteorology Programme domains. Also, maintenance of external interface to the European Commission and EUMETSAT for the corresponding mission advisory structures
  • Additionally, supporting identification and critical review of requirements originating from the EO user communities. Also, advising the Head of Section on their interests and aspirations
  • managing the implementation of independent peer review of Earth Surfaces Mission Ideas or Mission Concept Proposals in response to Agency Calls;
  • Likewise, communicating research results in connection with Earth Surfaces missions, and serving as ESA Ambassador at relevant events such as scientific conferences and user consultations;
  • Furthermore, managing, supervising and monitoring external scientific study contracts and KPI reporting, quarterly reporting.


  • Ocean and Ice scientific discipline, including the use of active microwave sensors in Earth Observation in the Ocean and Ice domain
  • Additionally, ESA Earth surfaces missions under study or implementation
  • Active/passive sensors
  • Similarly, space projects, including instrumentation and operations
  • Role of mission science during different mission phases
  • Furthermore,  the International scientific community

Additional Information

10 years’ relevant proven experience (including PhD) in Earth observation satellite remote sensing-based Earth surfaces sciences. You will be familiar with current and future planned concepts, instrumentation and plans within the relevant EOP programme domains. Particular importance will be attached to your capabilities to function in a team, credibility within the EO remote-sensing science community and familiarity with the programmatic outlook in the EarthExplorer, EarthWatch and Copernicus domains.

Visit the official website for more information.


Type of Opportunity



30 April,2020



Open to



European Space Agency (ESA)

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