Children prize 2020 ($150,000 grant)

Children prize 2020 ($150,000 grant)


The Children’s Prize Foundation was created with a maverick spirit and a simple yet ambitious goal: to advance child health and survival by insisting on impact and data-driven rigor, while leading the way for a modern day philanthropic prize movement. Every solution begins with a problem. Our problem is rooted in an uncertainty that money being spent is not directly solving what one hopes to solve. This is not an isolated experience, but a reflection of a growing public unease about the philanthropic sector in general.

The Children’s Prize is awarded to scientifically-minded individuals with a passion for global child health and a strong commitment to verify the impact of their work. Between 2013 and 2017, the Prize has awarded over $1,700,000.00 to such individuals and organizations across the globe.


  • Open to all individuals who are currently enrolled graduate students in a formal accredited academic institution, worldwide.
  • The prize funds may only be used for charitable purposes, subject to expenditure responsibility.
  • The business operations may not compete for the Prize

Projects evaluation criteria

  • ability to impact rates within a child mortality indicator (U5MR, IMR, NMR, etc.)
  • effectiveness
  • innovation and scalability of the intervention approach within global health
  • feasibility of the proposed lives-saved estimate
  • probability of success
  • ease of verification
  • inclusion of a process impact assessment

Application process

The contest process includes three major rounds and two review periods

Round 1: Contest participation kicks off with submission of the brief entry form. After all Round 1 submissions have been reviewed, applicants will be notified of their eligibility to continue.

Round 2: Invitation only. Those applicants selected from Round 1 will be asked to provide a more detailed application and required supporting material. Once the second round closes, there will be an additional review period to select finalists and applicants will be notified of the decision.

Round 3: Q&A and judging. Finalists will undergo a Q&A by the prize administrators and judges, and a thorough review of all materials submitted by the expert panel. Once this final review is complete, the judges then vote and the Prize winner announcement is made.

Every little children deserve to live!


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