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We believe in informing, empowering, and engaging youth to assure the certainty of their path in career and life. Y2Y is a youth to youth platform that allows youth to be informed and engaged in national and worldwide opportunities. These opportunities play a major role in transforming the capacity, skills, and potential of a young person. Attaining such experience not only guarantees personal development, but it paves a way into accessing decent work and productive employment.

Our history

The problem that is seen in more than half of the youth in Ethiopia is the low participation of youth in the country’s sectorial development and policy making process. Youth are less informed, poorly engaged and rarely mentored about opportunities which lead them to problem solving, efficient employment and eventually personal growth.

Y2Y, as it is the first platform in its kind, aims to solve this problem by creating an initiative which comprises of mentors that are leaders and willing volunteers and mentees who want to be actively engaged and mentored. The unique feature of such a youth platform is solely done by young people such that the mentorship would be smooth, understanding and continuous.


Our history

To serve as a mentorship platform/bridge facilitated solely by youth such that the mentorship would be smooth ,understanding and continuous.Striving to become a youth mentorship platform in Ethiopia by making a difference on young people in shaping their thinking and life path, as well as teaching them the right sets of skill, risks in achieving their goal.


Kalewongel has an extensive global experience in leadership and empowerment. He has a strong understanding of technology with excellent interpersonal and communication skills. He has worked for reputable organizations including UNESCO and Unilever. He is also a winner of multiple prestigious awards, honors, and fellowships for his great works. He has engaged deeply in youth engagement and quality education in Africa. Kalewongel strives to continue as a change-maker in Africa.


Kalewongel Tesfaye



Rediet is an innovative project manager and an aspiring entrepreneur who is passionate about problem-solving, idea development and synthesizing. She graduated in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and now completing her Master’s degree in Project Management at Addis Ababa University. Throughout her career, she has developed strong information technology, and project management skills. She also works closely with young people in her involvement in youth led initiatives. She traveled to different countries to connect with leaders and professionals, making sure that Ethiopian youth are well represented in international opportunities and platforms.

Rediet Getahun

Our Core Advisers

Dr. Assegid Habtewold

Assegid (AZ) Habtewold is passionate about empowering individuals, organizations and communities to tap into their greatness through leadership development. He consults, coaches, speaks, and facilitates on themes such as greatness, project management, soft skills, and leadership development.

Alex Tessema

Oracle System Implementer, Capital Budget Lead, SM Expert at Washington DC Government, Certified Asset Mgmt Specialist.

Kndeya Gebrewahed

A Cornell University alum with a significant life sciences background who also has had opportunities to wear different hats as an entrepreneur, a biotech-options analyst, an education consultant, and a mentor over the past couple of years. 

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